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Natalya, Congressional consultant and expert witness
Me to Tom: "Pizza is a vegetable? Didn't they learn better from the ketchup thing?"
Natalya, playing Minecraft: "Pizza is not a vegetable!"
Me: "That's right, Talya. We're going to send you to Congress, so you can explain to them that pizza is not a vegetable."
Natalya: "Well, I'm building my lily pad world right now."

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Questions about "The Body Snatcher"

Excuse me for intruding, but I've been reading your Magneto story "The Body Snatcher" and couldn't help but notice that it's probably not going to be finished. However, I can't keep my curiosity at bay, so I'll ask my questions.

1) Magneto is obviously going to need someone really close to him to get over the 'happenings'. Rouge seems unlikely and he's not close enough to his children. Storm seemed like an option, but the she and Magneto seem more like colleagues who respect each other. That leaves only Charles.

So, did you plan on Xavier helping him through this 'issue', as well as finally steadying their friendship and overcoming the things they usually don't talk about, or did you have someone else in mind?

2) Body snatcher killed her brother by taking control of his body and committing suicide. Could it work the other way around? Could Magneto return to his body by killing hers?

I'll be grateful for your answer.

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