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You know, I just realized something.
Don't get me wrong, I still totally love the movie to death. But I just realized that the lack of female characters in X-Men First Class is UTTER BULLSHIT.

See, I was thinking, but there aren't that many female characters who are of the right age to have joined a team when Xavier and Magneto were in their early 30's. Mystique and Emma Frost, right? And they're covered.

Well, bullshit. Firstly, Destiny is Mystique's age. I realize that maybe introducing Mystique's precognitive lesbian lover might have created a disruption to Mystique's arc, where she goes with Erik rather than Charles because Erik tells her to value herself; had she had her very own Charles as Erik does (which is totally the role Irene plays in Raven's life, except that they get a much happier ending if you ignore the part where Irene dies, and given that Irene is like 70 something when she dies, I'm comfortable doing that... most of the time), one would have expected that to have a large impact on her decisions. Also, you'd have to wonder why Irene couldn't prevent the beach from going down the way it did. So, ok, no Irene.

And making Moira MacTaggert CIA rather than using Val Cooper or Carol Danvers at least establishes that Moira is an important person in Charles' backstory. So ok.

But ALEX FRICKIN' SUMMERS is the wrong age. So is Hank. Hank in canon is Scott's age, and Alex is younger. Banshee's the only one who's *actually* the right age in relation to Xavier. And the later movies make Bobby Drake and St. John Allerdyce equivalently aged to Kitty Pryde, and Rogue aged to both of them, so this playing fast and loose with character ages thing is not new.

Given that that is true, why the hell not make one of the origin team a woman? One that *stays* with the team, does not go haring off to the Brotherhood like both Angel and Mystique do?

- Psylocke: OK, three telepaths might be a bit much. I am willing to wait for another movie for her. But goddamn it the next movie better have her. Because a telepath for Charles to train *before* he meets Jean, an adult who's already like a spy for MI-6 or something and has mad martial arts skills but doesn't know shit about her own telepathy, would be awesome.

- Dani Moonstar: In current canon Dani is all about being the too-old-too-soon veteran. She would *totally* work as one of the old guard, on a par with Banshee. And she's a woman of color, which, after the movie killed off Darwin, had Angel join the bad guys, and always had Riptide being one of the bad guys, while all of the remaining superheroes at the end are white guys... not cool, movie, not cool... would help. Admittedly her illusion powers are too damn similar to telepathy. We need someone whose powers are more physical. How about:

- Rahne Sinclair. She is a fucking werewolf. Who is also a fundamentalist Christian who believes she's damned to hell. And hey, what if Moira took young Rahne more or less under her wing during the movie, so that we could buy that later on once Moira gets her memories back she ends up in a mentor-mother figure relationship with Rahne?

-Lorna Dane. No, ok, duplicate powers, not cool. Leave her out.

-Wanda Maximoff, also, too tangled in Erik's backstory. Although frankly now that Erik has seduced Raven to the dark side of the force, I would love to see him taking on Wanda and Pietro next movie, totally having no idea who they are, and being a kind of imperious asshat (not an ass*hole* like he was in canon, just sort of a jerk who does not get along with Pietro at all, because you know he wouldn't) and having Charles take *them*. Especially if Charles figures out who they are. And doesn't tell Erik. Because Charles is capable of petty revenge for stealing his sister, yes sirree.

- Alison Blaire. Okay, on second thought, let's pretend I didn't just say that. :-) Alison would be a fine choice to introduce in a movie set in the late 70's or early 80's, but not the 60's.

- Carol Danvers. I can't believe it took me this long to get to her. Sure, technically she is not a mutant and she's more an Avenger than anything else, but technically the Juggernaut is not a mutant either, bitches, and making Carol one of the origin team who then decides later on to go *back* to the CIA and be all legit and stuff would be very interesting. Plus, we get the whole "gun on the wall" thing where we're just waiting for the future story where likable sweet young Rogue accidentally kills Carol, who is now one of our best friends because she was in the origin team. And maybe that doesn't happen. (Mystique never adopted Rogue in this universe, after all.)

- Illyana Rasputin - back story is too weird, don't touch yet.

- Paige Guthrie - if we can have Alex Summers being practically old enough to be Scott's dad, we can have Paige being Sam's mom or very very very much older sister, or age up the whole family.

- Yukio - not a mutant, but let's just say she is, ok? Since Halle Berry eviscerated Storm, we're not going to get great lesyay fun with the two of them leaping rooftops anyway, so let's just pull her in now.

- Amelia Voght - would majorly cockblock the Charles/Erik bromance because we'd all be expecting sexytiems, and besides, Erik has stolen enough women Charles loved by now, so hold off on her. But instead:

- Lila Cheney - Wouldn't having a teleporter who doesn't know what the shit she's doing and can't really match Azazel and is totes intimidated by him and then is all like, "asshole, anything you can do I can do better" and discovers that her power is to jump large groups across the whole freakin' planet be awesome?

- Amara Aquilla/Alison Crestmere: would have to figure out a backstory and settle on it, also, too powerful most likely. She's an elemental heavy hitter on a par with Magneto and Storm.

- Boom Boom! Seriously! Trailer girl from wrong side of the tracks who BLOWS SHIT UP! Who agrees with Erik that trusting the government is all kinds of stupid, but who won't go with him because MOTHERFUCKER THE PROFESSOR IS BLEEDING AND YOU'RE ALL LECTURING AND SHIT, FUCK THAT NOISE, PEOPLE ABOVE IDEOLOGY AND I AM LOYAL TO MY TRIBE.

I am sure there are a ton of others (Monet is maybe not a good choice when you don't have a lot of story room to devote to her, Spiral's just too obviously Brotherhood, Rachel's backstory is *way* too weird... but I bet there are others I am not thinking of.) So was it totally necessary to end up with a team of white boyz? NO. It was not. It would totally not have killed them to add another woman into the origin team. 50% of all mutants are women, logically speaking, peeps. So how about more than 3 out of 12 mutants in the story could maybe be women? Hmm? Yes, Moira, yay, but Moira's human. *One* more woman in the origin team would not have hurt them.

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Hell, given that in the movies Angel is old enough to be part of the first recruitment drive, they could have put Armor in First Class. Or Dust! I would also really like to see a movie version of Cecelia Reyes. Because heaven knows they need more characters of colour as well as more women.

I also wish that they'd had Banshee switch sides instead of Angel, because it would have been a twist on his comicverse backstory where he was a bad guy for a while. He could have easily switched sides again during the beach scene.

Apparently Cecelia Reyes is going to be in the next Wolverine movie, played by Naturi Naughton!

This has made me approximately one million times more interested in the next Wolverine movie.

Every time people go on about the wonderful gay love story between Charles and Erik (which is all subtext) I get really angry that the CANON BISEXUAL WOMAN has been in FOUR MOVIES without a female love interest. Or even flirting with a woman.

Also! Amelia Voght is a teleporter who has canonically played both sides, so why randomly use Azazel (of the unusable backstory) from the Worst Storyline Ever when you could use her?

Dani and Boom Boom would have been especially awesome.

I don't know why, but ever since the movie I have been obsessed with the idea of introducing Destiny to the movieverse. Because I just fucking *love* the idea of young woman Irene being as fucked up and clueless about how to use her powers as young woman Raven and young men Charles and Erik.

I only wish I had time to write fic right now. In my Charlotte and Erika universe I totally have this scene where Raven gets a letter from someone in a mental institution begging for help, and Charlotte is like "no it's totally too dangerous sounds like a creepy stalker Erika and I will do it... next week or something", so Raven waits until Charlotte and Erika are screwing each other's brains out and Charlotte is not paying attention to her at all, and she gets Logan to go with her (Logan didn't tell two hot young women to fuck off, also he has a backstory with Erika in this universe), and she writes Charlotte a note claiming that she and Logan are going to a motel to fuck because she can't handle screwing in the same house as her telepathic older sister, so Charlotte is all like "euw do not want to know" and doesn't check up on her, so she has no idea that Raven has actually gone to rescue Irene until Raven and Logan come back with Irene. Who is madly in love with Raven and has been since she manifested her powers, and Raven is torn between thinking this is excessively weird given that she's never met the woman, and excessively cool because oh my god DESTINED TRUE LOVE THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO BLUE GIRLS OMG SO ROMANTIC.

And then they have an issue because Charlotte is all like "If we want to be taken seriously we need to hide the fact that we like to make love to other women, it's hard enough being taken seriously by entities like the CIA with us being women and also mutants, and that's why Erika and I are not sitting on each other's laps in public", and Erika is going along with that because homosexuals were the lowest of the low in the camps and she has some internalized homophobia she's fighting off... but Raven *doesn't*, so in addition to "mutant and proud, I'm here, I'm blue, get used to it", she is now all "AND I FUCK GIRLS THANK YOU VERY MUCH" and Charlotte is like "could you *please* get a room?" and Irene is all like "forty years from now we're going to get married, unless we all die before then, so who cares, besides I can't see you being all embarrassed at me so I am going to make out with my girlfriend in public if she wants me to because my parents locked me up for being embarrassing so I am never going to care that I am embarrassing anyone ever again"... and Logan, Alex and Sean are all "yeah... we'll be in our bunks."


2. There is never enough Alison Blaire. Think about it- make her a teenager in 1962. Come disco, she's a jaded 30. Which works really well when you consider her solo plot lines were basically "Defeat Galactus, fuck Wolverine, snort some coke". Like a one woman Dreamgirls.

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