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Mad Science Concoctions
Parental Permission Only Goes So Far Concoction:


a glass milk jug to be your beaker
hand sanitizing gel
some of your gummy vitamins
a little Mrs. Dash
more pepper than you really needed
All of your mom's vitamin C capsules when she is not looking


Mom Sends You To Bath And Bed Immediately Concoction:


more than half the canister of flour
all of your mom's expensive ground cardamom spice
the rest of the black pepper
all of the rosemary
all of the Mrs. Dash
half a bag of carrots

Pour into cups on kitchen table. Allow excess to spill all over table, rug, chairs, and yourselves. Stir for ten minutes.

Results: Mom will yell at you and send you to take baths immediately and go to bed right away.

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Have Alex and Talya been having fun again?

This doesn't make it okay, but that second concoction would make some tasty bread. The first is just random.

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