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The truth comes out
Talya, age 3: The old Natalya was a baby 'cause she used to pee and poop in her diaper. Now she's gone. But don't worry, now you have a new Talya.
Me: You're a new Talya?
Talya: Yes, because I'm a big girl. I wear underpants and go in the potty. Not the old Talya. She was a baby.
Me: What happened to the old Talya?
Talya: She went to the store.
Alex, age 5: I think she got kidnapped!
Talya: Yeah, she did.
Alex: We have to rescue the old Talya!
Talya: We don't need to rescue her because she wears diapers.
Me: I think you ate the old Talya.
Talya: Yeah, I did.
Alex: That's it! I'm taking that new Natalya down!

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I need to visit your house some time and see your kids in action. They are awesome.

Oh my God, that's adorable. :D

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