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Yay for sons that get it!
My son turned to me yesterday while browsing a video gaming site. He was taking some kind of survey.

"Who are better fighters, men or women? Isn't that kind of a dumb question? Some men are good fighters and some women are good fighters. You can't just say *all* men are good fighters or *all* women are."

My son doesn't realize it yet, but he's a feminist. :-)

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Wow, this post is a message of hope. You did a good job, mama. :)

And every woman on the planet thanks you for raising him. ^__^

your son has already learned a lesson that many, MANY men never EVER get! talk about your braincells having met, and getting along nicely w/ each other :) :) woooo!
speaks well of what he is hearing in his interactions w/ others :)

**cheers* Shows the kind of sensible environment he's growing up in - kudos to you for that.

Eric is a very level-headed and sensible little boy, is what he is.

(At least his response to that question would suggest such a thing. I can't speak for his behavior in general.)

true, but you could just as easily say he is a masculinist. or a realist. or a pragmatist. just as the carpenter views all problems in terms of nails, you can break down that enlightened viewpoint to whatever tiny pigeonhole label you like.

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