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More baby talk.
Most of the words from July have disappeared. Kid has fads.

Shyaa? ("a" as in at, not as in father): What's that? (favorite word)

Bat-um: Bathroom (I'm hoping a fascination with "bathroom" means potty training can commence soon)

Bok: Box, or book

Ba: Ball

Bah pah pah: I'm getting a diaper change (because when I put the powder on him and pat it down I go "pat pat pat")

Bom: Mom? (not sure)

Gagi: Daddy? (not sure)

Bat-n: Button (not to be confused with Bat-um)

Some?: Can I have something to eat? or Can I have breast milk?

Yum: That looks good or I'm hungry

Bat: Bath

Oh, and how could I forget?

Ba-gee: Bye-bye

Roun roun (accompanied by circling motion): The answer to the question "What does the fan do?"

We've come a long way, baby
I've been working my way through Battlestar Galactica season 1 (the new version) -- I didn't see it when it first came out because I am extraordinarily anal. The ReplayTV lost two minutes during the scene where Baltar takes Helo's spot on the ship during the miniseries (I don't have to be spoilerphobic about the miniseries, do I? I mean that was two years ago), so I would not watch it until I could get a clean copy. I didn't get said clean copy, and so I couldn't watch the series because I hadn't watched the mini, and so on. Now that the DVDs are out, I am watching, and hopefully will be caught up before the series returns.

Anyway, I was watching episode 4, and then Eric asked to see the next episode, and afterward told me that his favorite character was Starbuck, because she is the best pilot.

The old axiom that stories should be about men, because women and girls will watch stories about men but boys and men won't watch stories about women? On its way out. All we ever needed were the *right* women.

Baby talk.
Pah pah pah: Hmm. I'm pondering.

Gigigigi (with a hard G): This situation is very upsetting!

Dao: Put me down.

Gen (hard G): Do that again!

Pat pat pat: For some reason Mommy is saying "pat pat pat." I can make those sounds!

OK: Okay.

Bag: Bag. (Heard only in one session, but repeated

Teess: Cheese (unconfirmed, heard only once.)

Kihkah: Kittycat (unconfirmed, heard only twice)

Maah: I want breast milk, dammit!


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