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Short stories up on Amazon, and Patreon account
I have two short stories up on Amazon under my name, Alara Rogers. In the process of doing edits on a novel I wrote years ago that I intend to publish there as well. These two are the ones that I have had accepted for professional publication that are original (ie, non-fannish), and neither got much circulation -- in particular I think Tainted Blood may never have even appeared, because the magazine that bought it went out of business and might never have published the issue I was scheduled for. They're both contemporary fantasy.

Since I'm speaking to a mostly fannish audience here, where there's an expectation of trigger warnings: "Tainted Blood" contains material that may trigger rape victims. I don't think there are any other common triggers in either of them.

I also now have a Patreon account, where I'm publishing sneak previews and unpublished works, outtakes, outlines, and so forth. While I still firmly believe that selling fanfic is wrong, the idea behind the Patreon account is that people are supporting my writing, in general, for anything I choose to write, and the rewards for patronage are generally speaking things that will eventually be released to the public. Most of what I have up there pertains to my current major fandom, My Little Pony (shut up, it has John de Lancie playing a chaos god, plus the main hero is a female nerdy genius bookworm who probably has mild Aspergers.) However, I did publish the start of an X-Men Movieverse/TNG fusion crossover in which the X-Men characters from First Class, plus a few others, get mapped onto races and archetypes that could legitimately be in the Trek universe, and the first half of the so-far-unpublished next chapter of "Working In Groups."


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