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I've become spoiled by being on a fanfic archive that contains within it a blogging platform for the past two years. Now, when I post stuff to and Archive Of Our Own, I get questions that I've already answered in a blog no one who's reading me on those sites ever saw. So I've decided to start posting regularly here again about my fanfic and then directing people here. I thought of using my Dreamwidth account, but Dreamwidth supports only OpenID, and you have to know what you're doing; Livejournal explicitly supports login from a multitude of well-known platforms, so it's a better place to post if I want to get comments from people who don't necessarily have accounts on this platform.

Hi, I'm Alara Rogers, and you're not, unless you're that girl in Oklahoma whose name keeps popping up on things like Google+ and Facebook and seriously, I'm highly dubious of that being her actual name. I'm in my forties. I'm an American living on the East Coast, married with four kids, and continue to have ambitions to become professionally published, but I keep not doing it because I'm addicted to the instant gratification of fanfic. For a living I do IT consulting, but I majored in psychobiology in college and pursued a master's degree, only to be foiled by my first distinctive bout with depression, which is a thing that nowadays I'm mostly holding off successfully with medication.

My first major fandom -- and the only one I really consider myself to have left behind -- was Science Ninja Team Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets, where I obsessed over villains, a trend that continues today. I've been a reader, though not much of a writer, in Blake's 7 (Avon, Servalan), Pokemon (Mew, Mewtwo), and, inexplicably, Skyfall-based Bond (mostly because I got sick of Bond's Q coming up in searches for Star Trek's Q, so I finally broke down and started reading it.) My major writing fandoms have been Star Trek TNG (Q, whom I ship with both Picard and Janeway because that is how I roll), X-Men (Magneto and Charles Xavier), Farscape (Scorpius), and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Discord, Twilight Sparkle.) None of my fannish interests actually ever end (aside from Gatchaman, because the fandom was just so small, it couldn't support my specialized interests and I got bored). I phase in and out of them, but nothing truly dies.

Lately most of my work has been in MLP:FIM. I have 12 incomplete stories in that fandom, some of which I've been working on since October 2013, but that's nothing; in Star Trek fandom I have Only Human, which started in 1993, last got a major update in 2009, and which I'm sure I'll swing back to within a year or two; in X-Men fandom I have The Body Snatchet, started in 1996 or thereabouts (maybe as late as 1998.) I intend to clear most of my MLP fics, which I've been writing more quickly and consistently than I've done in any other fandom, get some pro work done, and then go back through incompletes in older fandoms and finish them, because I'm not getting any younger here. However, this means that things update when they update. I have a lot of stories competing for my time and attention, and limited time to finish them.

Anyone who really wants to have a greater level of input than others do into what I write next is encouraged to take a look at my Patreon account and see if you'd be willing to support me in my writing endeavors; the fic will get written one way or another, so no one is actually paying for fanfic. Patrons just get sneak peeks at unposted work, outlines and notes, and a certain degree of influence over which of the things I'm writing I should prioritize. 


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