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The other baby.
I am very amused by Alex.

A couple of days ago I was nursing Talya and he came up to me, pointed at her blanket and said "Towel." (Well, it sounds more like "Tau", but it's towel.)

I said "No, that's a blanket."

He looked at me and said firmly "That towel."

Also, the other day I heard him screaming, as if in frustration. Usually this is triggered by getting a toy stuck somewhere. However when I checked on him, there wasn't anything stuck and his expression was intent, not mad.

In fact, he was making a dinosaur puppet chomp on a Duplo fireman, while yelling, "Aaah! Oh, no! Fireman!"

I'm deeply relieved that he's actually talking (for a very long time he had shockingly few words -- even now, he's behind other 2-year-olds in sentence construction, though Tom swears he said "What is that thing?" yesterday), but I'm also extremely entertained by what he decides to *say*.

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Thre are times I am convinced Alex is the cutest little boy in the world, second to my cousin Bradly.

This is one of these times.

That's hilarious! He'll be writing superhero fic in no time.

My nephew (two years ten months) didn't start talking in more than single words until he was two years and eight months, but now he has five word sentences and, finally, chats on the phone. He does like to have tea parties for his Lego animals, though.

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